This is the {{help me}} message box.

If you need help, you can place this template on your own user talk page, and write your question below it. Then our helpers will be notified.

Here is what you would put on your talk page:

== How does X work? ==
{{help me}}
Your question.

The four tildes "~~~~" will automatically add your signature, which is your username and a timestamp.

When used, this template categorizes the talk page into Category:Wikipedians looking for help.

The IRC channel #wikipedia-en-help is notified when this template is used. You can join that channel (chat room) if you want to help out or if you want to get real-time assistance. (Click here for instant access.)

For those who ask:

For helpers who answer:

  • {{helpme-nq}} – A message that can be used when a user used the {{help me}} template but didn't write a question below it.
  • {{helpme-irc}} – A message that asks the user to come to IRC for more help.
  • {{helpme-working}} – A message that tells the user that their question is being worked on. Also provides IRC information.
  • {{helpme-helped}} – A message telling the user that a helper has answered their question.
  • {{helpme-inapp}} – A message telling the user that a helper has deemed their question as an inappropriate use for the {{help me}} template.