{{Rough translation}} will categorise tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles needing cleanup after translation.

Usageসম্পাদনা কৰক

{{Rough translation|language}}

Parametersসম্পাদনা কৰক

1 name of language
2 (optional) name of language in "languages" list, if different
3 (optional) replaces the word "article"; e.g. use "section" for use in a section. {{RoughTranslation-section}} implies this.

Exampleসম্পাদনা কৰক

{{Rough translation|German|Deutsch|section}}

Alternative version of this

{{Rough translation|1=German|2=Deutsch|3=section}}

This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Rough translations. It should not be substituted.

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