The Barnstars 2.0 are the high-quality barnstars based on File:Original Barnstar Hires.png.

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To give the award to someone, just place the image on their talk page (or their awards page), and say why you have given it to them. If you are sure the barnstar is appropriate, don't be shy!

Image What to type Title and description
{{subst:The Original Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Original BarnstarThe Original Barnstar

This barnstar, the first on Wikipedia, is given to recognize particularly fine contributions to Wikipedia, to let people know that their hard work is seen and appreciated.

Introduced by Martin Harper on December 19, 2003 and later modified by Silsor on February 17, 2004.

{{subst:The Editor's Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Editor's BarnstarThe Editor's Barnstar

The Editor's Barnstar is awarded to individuals who display particularly fine decisions in general editing. This is occasionally known as the Deletionists' Barnstar. Sometimes, expert text removal is the most effective editing.

Introduced by Guanaco on June 18, 2004.

{{subst:The Working Man's Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Working Man's BarnstarThe Working Man's Barnstar

The Working Man's Barnstar may be awarded to those who work tirelessly and endlessly on the more laborious or repetitive of Wikipedia tasks.

This barnstar's name can now be gender-specific by supplying 'm' for Man's, 'w' for Woman's or 'n' for Wikipedian's in place of the gender option. Leaving this option blank will first determine if the user has a gender set, and if not, uses the default "Man's".

Introduced by Blankfaze on July 6, 2004.

{{subst:The Minor Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Minor BarnstarThe Minor Barnstar

Minor edits are often-overlooked, but essential, contributions to the Wikipedia. The Minor Barnstar is awarded for making minor edits of the utmost quality.

Introduced by Spencer195 on July 13, 2004 and slightly modified by MattTM.

{{subst:The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Random Acts of Kindness BarnstarThe Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar

The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar may be awarded to those that show a pattern of going the extra mile to be nice, without being asked.

Introduced by TheCustomOfLife on August 2, 2004.

{{subst:The Barnstar of Diligence|message ~~~~|alt}} Diligence, Barnstar ofThe Barnstar of Diligence

The Barnstar of Diligence may be awarded in recognition of a combination of extraordinary scrutiny, precision and community service.

Introduced by Pedant on August 13, 2004 and touched up by Wapcaplet at the request of Neutrality.

{{subst:The Surreal Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Surreal BarnstarThe Surreal Barnstar

The Surreal Barnstar may be awarded to any Wikipedian who adds "special flavor" to the community by acting as a sort of wildcard.

Introduced by Merovingian on August 14, 2004.

{{subst:The Tireless Contributor Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Tireless Contributor BarnstarThe Tireless Contributor Barnstar

The Tireless Contributor Barnstar may be awarded to especially tireless Wikipedians who contribute an especially large body of work without sacrificing quality.

Introduced by Trainspotter on October 26, 2004.

{{subst:The Photographer's Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Photographer's BarnstarThe Photographer's Barnstar

The Photographer's Barnstar is awarded to those individuals who tirelessly improve the Wikipedia with their photographic skills and contributions.

Introduced by Grunt on November 27, 2004.

{{subst:The Defender of the Wiki Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Defender of the Wiki BarnstarThe Defender of the Wiki Barnstar

The Defender of the Wiki may be awarded to those who have gone above and beyond to prevent Wikipedia from being used for fraudulent purposes. It was created after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, when a fraudulent charity tried to take advantage of the widespread media coverage of the article.

Introduced by Alkivar on January 8, 2005.

{{subst:The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Anti-Vandalism BarnstarThe Anti-Vandalism Barnstar

The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar may be awarded to those who show great contributions to protecting and reverting attacks of vandalism on Wikipedia. For more information on fighting vandalism, please see Wikipedia:Vandalism.

Introduced on February 27, 2005 by brian0918, and designed by Deathphoenix.

{{subst:The Barnstar of Good Humor|message ~~~~|alt}} Good Humor, Barnstar ofThe Barnstar of Good Humor

The Barnstar of Good Humor may be awarded to particularly light-spirited Wikipedians who, by their unshakably good humor, consistently and reliably lighten the mood, defuse conflicts, and generally make Wikipedia a better place to be.

Introduced on February 28, 2005, and designed by Deathphoenix and Redux.

{{subst:The Resilient Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Resilient BarnstarThe Resilient Barnstar

The Resilient Barnstar may be given to any editor who learns and improves from criticisms, never lets mistakes or blunders impede their growth as Wikipedians, or has the ability to recover/finish with a smile.

Introduced on April 26, 2005 by Sango123.

{{subst:The Rosetta Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Rosetta BarnstarThe Rosetta Barnstar

The Rosetta Barnstar may be given to any editor who exhibits outstanding translation efforts on Wikipedia.

Introduced on June 1, 2005 by Harðor, and was designed by David Levy.

{{subst:The Graphic Designer's Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Graphic Designer's BarnstarThe Graphic Designer's Barnstar

The Graphic Designer's Barnstar may be awarded to those who work tirelessly to provide Wikipedia with free graphic files, either original or a version of a known design (e.g. a country's flag).

Introduced by Redux on August 15, 2005. Complete redesign by Antonu on 5 December 2010.

{{subst:The da Vinci Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} da Vinci BarnstarThe da Vinci Barnstar

The da Vinci Barnstar may be awarded to anyone who has enhanced Wikipedia through their technical work (programming and tools, bot building, link repair, Mediawiki developers, etc.). This award may also be given to Cabalists, Mediators and Arbitrators - whose work is essential to the functioning of Wikipedia. Alternative: File:Barnstar - technical works.svg

Suggested by EWS23 and Covington, designed by The Man in Question and introduced on March 6, 2006.

{{subst:The Left Half of the Half Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}}
{{subst:The Right Half of the Half Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}}
Half BarnstarThe Half Barnstar

The Half Barnstar is awarded for excellence in Cooperation, especially for productive editing together with someone who holds diametrically opposed viewpoints. Both users get one half of the star; when cooperating they hold a full one.

It was thought of September 2006 by Radiant!, but not actually handed out until April 2007.

{{subst:The Copyeditor's Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Copyeditor's BarnstarThe Copyeditor's Barnstar

The Copyeditor's Barnstar is awarded for excellence in Copyediting.

speling grammer and punctunctuacion is, importent
spelling grammar and punctuation is, important
Spelling grammar and punctuation are, important
Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are important!

Suggested by Trusilver, designed by Kathryn NicDhàna with input from members of the League of Copyeditors and introduced on March 8, 2007. Retouched by H3llkn0wz in June 2010.

{{subst:The Special Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Special BarnstarThe Special Barnstar

The Special Barnstar may be awarded to a user as a gesture of appreciation for a specific reason, when there is no other barnstar which would feel as appropriate.

Introduced by Rhanyeia on May 14, 2007. Co-created with Suvi Ylioja.

{{subst:What a Brilliant Idea Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} What a Brilliant Idea! BarnstarThe "What a Brilliant Idea!" Barnstar

The "What a Brilliant Idea!" Barnstar should be awarded to a user who figures out an elegant solution to a particularly burdensome bottleneck or problem, or who identifies a means to improve Wikipedia in a profound way.

Adapted from the technology barnstar by The Transhumanist in May, 2007, image design by download.

{{subst:AFC Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Articles for Creation BarnstarThe "Articles for Creation" Barnstar

The "Articles for Creation" Barnstar is awarded to users who have demonstrated great effort and dedication in reviewing articles and/or other related work for the Articles for creation process.

This award was created by Hersfold in July, 2007.

{{subst:Diplomacy_Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Diplomacy, Barnstar ofThe Barnstar of Diplomacy

The Barnstar of Diplomacy is awarded to users who have helped to resolve, peacefully, conflicts on Wikipedia.

Introduced by Defender 911 in August of 2007, image design by Hersfold.

{{subst:InvisibleBarnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Invisible BarnstarThe Invisible Barnstar

The Invisible Barnstar is awarded to users who make significant and helpful contributions to the project, but have kept to the background without seeking recognition or reward for their work.

Designed and introduced by Hersfold in August of 2007.

{{subst:CivilityAward|message ~~~~|alt}} Civility Barnstar The Civility Barnstar

The Civility Barnstar is intended to reward users for civility. The aim is to award good civility, and not to just warn against bad civility.

It was conceived and designed by the late Concordia in August of 2007.

{{subst:MotivationAward|message ~~~~|alt}} Motivation BarnstarThe Motivation Barnstar

The Motivation Barnstar is awarded to users who

  • do a considerable amount to promote Wikipedia beyond the site, or
  • do wonders in "gee-ing up the troops" either through general motivation of Wikipedians, or
  • motivate Wikipedians by way of tools, contests, and other such things

This medal was introduced in August 2007 and designed by brian0918.

{{subst:The Rescue Barnstar 3|message ~~~~|alt}} Rescue BarnstarThe Rescue Barnstar

The Rescue Barnstar is awarded to people who rescue articles from deletion. This can be independent of or in cooperation with the Article Rescue Squadron.

Proposed by Le Grand Roi des CitrouillesTally-ho! in October 2007 and officially listed July 2008.

{{subst:CCBarnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Content Creativity BarnstarThe Content Creativity Barnstar

The Content Creativity Barnstar is given to Wikipedians in recognition of their work in content submission.

Introduced by Nothing444 on February 10, 2008 and modified by same on March 22, 2008.

{{subst:The Citation Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Citation BarnstarThe Citation Barnstar

The Citation Barnstar is awarded to users who provide references and in-line citations to previously unsourced articles.

It was created in March 2008 by J.delanoy.

{{subst:The Anti-Flame Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Anti-Flame BarnstarThe Anti-Flame Barnstar

The Anti-Flame Barnstar is awarded for users that have kept cool in conflicts, as well as resolving them. Introduced on en.Wikipedia by Nothing444 on March 22, 2008.

{{subst:Anti-Spam Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Anti-Spam BarnstarThe Anti-Spam Barnstar

The Anti-Spam Barnstar is awarded to users who fight spam.

Introduced by Od Mishehu on March 27, 2008, image design by Antonu.

{{subst:The Writer's Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Writer's BarnstarThe Writer's Barnstar

The Writer's Barnstar may be awarded to two groups of Wikipedians: Wikipedians writing articles about writers and books, and Wikipedians writing a large number of articles/edits.

Introduced by Kubek15 on April 2, 2008 and designed by Antonu.

{{subst:Guidance Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Guidance BarnstarThe Guidance Barnstar

The Guidance Barnstar may be awarded to users who help others locate valuable resources, information, or assistance.

Introduced by Scartol on April 13, 2008 and designed by Antonu.

{{subst:The Modest Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Modest BarnstarThe Modest Barnstar

The Modest Barnstar is an award suitable for any editing feat that makes a modest improvement to Wikipedia.

Introduced on July 1, 2008 by Meisfunny with the image from Pedant.

{{subst:Red Link Removal Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Red Link Removal BarnstarThe Red Link Removal Barnstar

The Red Link Removal Barnstar may be awarded to editors who show diligence in removing red links in articles by creating new articles, correcting the links to connect to appropriate existing articles or deleting links to articles that should not exist because they do not satisfy Wikipedia:Notability guidelines.

Proposed by Dogcowsaysmoof and introduced by Neptune5000 on September 29, 2008.

{{subst:The Cleanup Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Cleanup BarnstarThe Cleanup Barnstar

The Cleanup Barnstar may be awarded to users who clean up articles.

Introduced by Neptune5000 on October 13, 2008, image design by download.

{{subst:The Wikilink Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Wikilink BarnstarThe Wikilink Barnstar

The Wikilink Barnstar may be awarded to users who either add useful links or remove unnecessary links in articles.

Introduced by Neptune5000 on October 14, 2008.

{{subst:The Admin's Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Admin's BarnstarThe Admin's Barnstar

The Admin's Barnstar may be awarded to administrators who made a particularly difficult decision, did a tiresome but needed admin task, cleared some nasty backlog or just to show an administrator that you think they are doing good work in a particular area of "the job" and that their work is appreciated. To be used when other, more specific, barnstars do not apply to the reasons at hand.

Introduced by SoWhy on November 14, 2008 and redesigned by Rectilinium on May 8, 2009.

{{subst:The Checkuser's Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Checkuser's BarnstarThe Checkuser's Barnstar

The Checkuser's Barnstar may be awarded to checkusers who tirelessly work to keep Wikipedia free from sockpuppets.

Introduced by Reaper Eternal on April 11, 2011.

{{subst:Portal Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Portal BarnstarThe Portal Barnstar

The Portal Barnstar may be presented to any Wikipedian who makes significant contributions to topic portals on Wikipedia.

Introduced by Notyourbroom on August 4, 2010.

{{subst:The Commons Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Commons BarnstarThe Commons Barnstar

The Commons Barnstar is awarded to users who make exceptional contributions to the synergistic relationship of en. Wikipedia with Wikimedia Commons by searching through Commons to find suitable pictures to add to en. Wikipedia or finding free-use images on en. Wikipedia and moving them to Commons..

{{subst:The Philosophy Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Philosophy BarnstarThe Philosophy Barnstar

The Philosophy Barnstar is awarded to users that make extremely wise, and sometimes unusually clever, decisions regarding matters on Wikipedia.

{{subst:The Mediator Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Mediator BarnstarThe Mediator Barnstar

The Mediator Barnstar is awarded to users that served well as a mediator between heated debates on the talk pages of articles and users.

{{subst:The Reviewer Barnstar|message ~~~~}} NEW BarnstarThe Reviewer Barnstar

The Reviewer Barnstar is awarded to users who diligently review new or newly improved articles for errors/mistakes.

{{subst:The Premium Reviewer Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Premium Reviewer BarnstarThe Premium Reviewer Barnstar

The Premium Reviewer Barnstar is awarded to users that have achieved more than three Reviewer Barnstars or are given to users who have diligently reviewed an article or set of articles very closely to ensure its good quality on Wikipedia.

{{subst:The Fraternity and Sorority Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Fraternity and Sorority BarnstarThe Fraternity and Sorority Barnstar

The Fraternity and Sorority Barnstar may be awarded to an editor who makes excellent contributions to articles dealing with fraternities or sororities.

{{subst:The Graphic Designer Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Graphic Designer BarnstarThe Graphic Designer Barnstar

The Graphic Designer Barnstar is awarded to users who have contributed many creative and wonderful works of graphic design to Wikipedia.

{{subst:The Eraser Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Eraser BarnstarThe Eraser Barnstar

The Eraser Barnstar To give to those who are structual removing information from the image of the pictures or the description with no added value.

{{subst:The Feather Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Feather BarnstarThe Feather Barnstar

The Feather Barnstar For the creation of good articles for a long period of time.

{{subst:The Current Events Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Current Events BarnstarThe Current Events Barnstar

The Current Events Barnstar The Current Events Barnstar may be awarded to editors who make substantial contributions to current events articles, helping accurate information get through when it is most needed.

{{subst:The Royalty Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Royalty BarnstarThe Royalty Barnstar

The Royalty Barnstar The Royalty and Nobility Barnstar is awarded to editors who make significant contributions to royalty and nobility related articles that expand Wikipedia’s knowledge about the biographies of people belonging to royalty and/or nobility.

{{subst:The Barnstar Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Barnstar BarnstarThe Barnstar Barnstar

The Barnstar Barnstar The Barnstar Barnstar was created to recognize Wikipedians who have contributed to Wikipedia by creating and awarding barnstars.

{{subst:The Tao Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Tao BarnstarThe Tao Barnstar

The Tao Barnstar The Barnstar of Fine Arts may be awarded to an editor who contributes significantly to expand or improve Wikipedia's coverage of the fine arts and visual arts.

{{subst:The Main Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Main BarnstarThe Main Barnstar

The Main Barnstar The Main Page Barnstar is awarded to people with extensive contributions in editing the Main Page.

{{subst:The Purple Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Purple BarnstarThe Purple Barnstar

The Purple Barnstar is awarded to individuals that had to endure incessant harrassment on Wikipedia and still stayed true to the site.

{{subst:The MOTD Barnstar|message ~~~~}} MOTD BarnstarThe MOTD Barnstar

The MOTD Barnstar The Motto of the Day is to be awarded to frequent participants of en:WP:Motto of the day.

{{subst:The Userpage Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Userpage BarnstarThe Userpage Barnstar

The Userpage Barnstar The Excellent User Page Award is given to those who put in that extra effort on their user page, whether in terms of design, writing, or content. If you find a user page that is unusually entertaining, useful, informative, beautiful, or otherwise noteworthy, let 'em know with this award.

{{subst:The SVG Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} SVG BarnstarThe SVG Barnstar

The SVG Barnstar The SVG Barnstar may be awarded to an editor who makes significant contributions to converting raster images into vector images.

{{subst:The Category Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Category BarnstarThe Category Barnstar

The Category Barnstar is awarded to users that have put an exceptional amount of hard work into a specific category.

{{subst:The Valued Picture Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Valued Picture BarnstarThe Valued Picture Barnstar

The Valued Picture Barnstar is awarded to users that uploaded a free image to Wikipedia that is considered wonderful, valuable, and crucial.

{{subst:The Oddball Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Oddball BarnstarThe Oddball Barnstar

The Oddball Barnstar The Oddball Barnstar may be awarded to an editor who creates a particularly fine article regarding a subject that is odd, whimsical, or is otherwise something that one wouldn't expect to find in more traditional encyclopedias.

{{subst:The Epic Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} The Epic Barnstar

The Epic Barnstar may be awarded to an editor who makes particularly fine History and Events- related contributions.

Introduced on April 15, 2005 by brian0918 and ClockworkSoul and designed by Antonu.

{{subst:The Teamwork Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Teamwork BarnstarThe Teamwork Barnstar

The Teamwork Barnstar may be awarded when several editors work together to improve an article.

Introduced in November 2008 by JaGa and designed by Antonu on December 7, 2010.

{{subst:The Copyright Cleanup Barnstar|message ~~~~|alt}} Copyright Cleanup BarnstarThe Copyright Cleanup Barnstar

The Copyright Cleanup Barnstar may be awarded to those contributors who have gone the extra mile in clearing up copyright concerns on Wikipedia.

Suggested by Moonriddengirl and designed by Antonu on December 5, 2010.

{{subst:The Detective Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Detective BarnstarThe Detective Barnstar

The Detective Barnstar to be awarded for exceptional work in investigating matters of interest to Wikipedia.

Original idea by ChrisO remastered by Antonu.

{{subst:The Chemistry Barnstar|message ~~~~}} Chemistry BarnstarThe Chemistry Barnstar

The Chemistry Barnstar is awarded to appreciate the contributions of users to the coverage of chemistry subjects on Wikipedia

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