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This template adds articles to Category:Good article nominees. It is created automatically by the template substitution {{subst:GAN|subtopic=name of the section at WP:GAN where the article is listed}}, which should be placed at the top of the talk page of the nominated article.

The syntax is as follows:

{{GA nominee|~~~~~|nominator=|page=|subtopic=|status=|note=}}

An explanation of each parameter:

  • ~~~~~ — Produces a timestamp. This is filled out automatically upon substituting {{GAN}}
  • nominator — The one who nominated the article for Good Article status. Upon substituting {{GAN}}, this field is filled out automatically.
  • page — The page number of the good article review; for example, if an article has never had a Good Article review before, then page=1. This is filled out automatically upon the substitution of {{GAN}}.
  • subtopic — The GA subtopic that is applicable to this page. See Wikipedia:Good articles for a list of options: this parameter should be left blank for miscellaneous nominations, and filled in when an appropriate subtopic is found.
  • status — The status of the GA review. Statuses include:
    • onreview: the article is in the process of being reviewed
    • onhold: the reviewer has encountered an issue with the article and would like to see it corrected
    • 2ndopinion: the reviewer is in search of a second opinion
  • note — A miscellaneous note related to the article or the nomination.

Technical noteসম্পাদনা কৰক

This template uses {{GAN/editintro}}, {{GAN/preload}} and {{subst:GAN/subst}} to provide further instructions and assistance when starting the review subpage.

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