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{{Infobox automobile
| name         = 
| image        = 
| caption      = 
| manufacturer = 
| aka          = 
| production   = 
| model_years  = 
| assembly     = 
| predecessor  = 
| successor    = 
| class        = 
| body_style   = 
| layout       = 
| platform     = 
| engine       = 
| transmission = 
| wheelbase    = 
| length       = 
| width        = 
| height       = 
| weight       = 
| related      = 
| designer     = 
| sp           = us

Meaningsসম্পাদনা কৰক

  • Name: the name of the car used in its original or primary market.
  • Image: a "three quarter" view of the front and side of the car, preferably taken against a background containing no other vehicles and with the sun shining from behind the camera.
  • Caption: description of the infobox image if clarification or disambiguation is required.
  • Manufacturer: the entity responsible for the vehicle's development, although not necessarily the company that physically assembles the vehicle.
  • Aka: other names of the subject car/automobile.
  • Model years: the model years in which the vehicle was marketed. No months or half-years.
  • Production: calendar year (not model year) range when the car was produced. Months are recommended if available, but exact dates are discouraged.
  • Assembly: cities and countries where the model is built.
  • Predecessor: previous models from the manufacturer in the segment or similar, leave empty if there is none.
  • Successor: following models in the segment or similar, leave empty if there is none.
  • Class: segment to which the car belongs.
  • Body style: number of doors and car shape.
  • Layout: layout of the drivetrain/powertrain.
  • Platform: the platform name, which may be shared with similar cars from the same or related marques
  • Engine: nominal displacement in litres (L) and/or cubic inches (cu in) per displacement conventions, abbreviated engine configuration, notable valvetrain, notable fuel delivery, forced induction type.
  • Transmission: number of forward gear ratios, and the type of transmission (e.g. "6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic").
  • Wheelbase: nominal wheelbase.
  • Length: nominal length (excluding any non-standard towing equipment).
  • Width: nominal width (excluding door mirrors).
  • Height: nominal height.
  • Weight: kerb/curb weight of a standard car without options (if a range of bodystyles is offered, include a lowest and highest figure).
  • Related: cars which share most of components like platform.
  • Designer: the name of the individual designer, or the "design house".
  • Sp: the spelling convention. For British English spelling, set to "uk". American English US spelling ("us") is set by default. Note: currently it only affects the "Curb weight"/"Kerb weight" spelling.

Notesসম্পাদনা কৰক

  • aka versus related: AKA is intended for alternate names in foreign markets, i.e. countries, where the original brand or model name is unused. Cars in this field typically do not have their own articles, instead redirecting to the original article. Related is intended for multiple vehicles in a single market which share the same platform. Cars in this field often have their own articles.
  • See WikiProject Automobiles/Conventions for other conventions to use with this template.

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