This template will categorise articles into Category:Accuracy disputes except this template. This template is a self-reference. This template is not useful for Wikipedia:Subst.


This tag should be used when it is believed that particular information not present in the article is necessary to be included. On the article's Discussion page, note the information you believe should be included before placing the tag.

If a consensus is reached that the information should be included, the information is inserted in the article and the tag is removed. If a consensus is reached that the information should not be in the article, the information is not added and the tag is removed.

This may assist in avoiding edit-warring by making a good faith attempt to achieve consensus before putting a particular piece of information in an article --especially if it's controversial information.

Where the omission is clear and no discussion is expected, {{Missing information non-contentious}} may be used instead.

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  • Boxes:
    • {{Disputed}} Article, {{Disputed|section}} Section
    • {{Disputedtag}} For disputing recent promotions or amendments of policies and guidelines
    • {{Under discussion}} For use on project pages (e.g. policies and guidelines), not on articles


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