Usageসম্পাদনা কৰক

{{PD-user|username|language code}}
  • Username—The username of the creator.
  • Language code—The two-character ISO 639-2 code (lowercase) that corresponds to the language of the Wikipedia where the user has an account (this is the same as the first two characters in that Wikipedia's domain name—e.g., the German language Wikipedia is found at - or the appropriate other code (e.g. sim for simple English, arz for Egyptian Arabic).

The file will be categorised in Category:User-created public domain files category structure, and at some point, if all is well, migrated to Commons.

In the (relatively) unusual event that a PD file should not be moved to Commons use the "no Commons" parameter, any value will work to categorise in the "no Commons" category structure instead.

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