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This template is used for responding to requests for page protection at Wikipedia:Requests for page protection. Please do not substitute this template. Also, remember to indent your response at least once, or the bot won't flag it as fulfilled.

Result Code Normalized code
Checking to see if protection is necessary. {{RFPP|ch}} {{RFPP|chck}}
Semi-protected {{RFPP|s}} {{RFPP|semi}}
Pending-change protected {{RFPP|pd}} {{RFPP|pend}}
Fully protected {{RFPP|p}} {{RFPP|full}}
Move protected {{RFPP|m}} {{RFPP|move}}
Protected to prevent recreation {{RFPP|t}} {{RFPP|salt}}
Done {{RFPP|do}} {{RFPP|done}}
Declined {{RFPP|d}} {{RFPP|deny}}
Declined – Not enough recent disruptive activity to justify protection. {{RFPP|nea}} {{RFPP|nact}}
Declined – Report the user(s) to AIV if the vandalism continues. {{RFPP|aiv}} {{RFPP|raiv}}
Declined – Pages are not protected pre-emptively. {{RFPP|np}} {{RFPP|npre}}
Declined – This template is not used widely enough to be considered a high-risk template. {{RFPP|nhr}} {{RFPP|nhrt}}
Declined – Consider dispute resolution. {{RFPP|dr}} {{RFPP|disp}}
Declined – User talk pages are not protected except in response to severe or continued vandalism. {{RFPP|ut}} {{RFPP|usta}}
User(s) blocked {{RFPP|b}} {{RFPP|bloc}}
User(s) re-blocked with talk page editing disallowed {{RFPP|tb}} {{RFPP|tabl}}
Unprotected {{RFPP|u}} {{RFPP|unpr}}
Not unprotected {{RFPP|nu}} {{RFPP|noun}}
Not unprotected – Please create a sourced version of this article in a subpage or your userspace. When this is done, please make the request again, or ask any administrator to move the page for you. {{RFPP|cr}} {{RFPP|nucr}}
Already unprotected {{RFPP|au}} {{RFPP|isun}}
Already protected {{RFPP|ap}} {{RFPP|ispr}}
Already done {{RFPP|ad}} {{RFPP|isdo}}
Question: {{RFPP|q}} {{RFPP|ques}}
Note: {{RFPP|n}} {{RFPP|note}}
Consider the Edit warring noticeboard This is a case of possible edit-warring by one or two users. {{RFPP|ew}} {{RFPP|an3}}

If the page has been protected (the s, p, t or m option) with an expiration, then a second optional parameter that accepts the duration can be specified. For example, {{RFPP|p|1 week}} produces:

Fully protected for a period of 1 week. After 1 week the page will be automatically unprotected.
{{RFPP|full|1 week|<reason>}}
Fully protected for a period of 1 week. After 1 week the page will be automatically unprotected. <reason>
Already unprotected by [[সদস্য:<reason>|<reason>]] ([[সদস্য বাৰ্তা:<reason>|talk]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[বিশেষ:Contribs/<reason>|contribs]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[বিশেষ:Log/block/<reason>|blocks]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[বিশেষ:Log/protect/<reason>|protections]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[বিশেষ:Log/delete/<reason>|deletions]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[বিশেষ:Log/move/<reason>|page moves]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[বিশেষ:Log/rights/<reason>|rights]]⧼dot-separator⧽[[বিশেষ:PrefixIndex/Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/<reason>|RfA]])

This template supports "indefinite" in the duration field where applicable. "indef" and "infinite" are synonyms.

Semi-protected indefinitely. <reason>

If the page has already been protected or unprotected prior to the request (or the protecting administrator hasn't placed a marker on a report), use of a second parameter with the ap, ad or up will leave that administrator's name and {{admin}} links. For example, {{RFPP|ap|Master of Puppets}} produces:

Already protected by Master of Puppets (talk⧼dot-separator⧽contribs⧼dot-separator⧽blocks⧼dot-separator⧽protections⧼dot-separator⧽deletions⧼dot-separator⧽page moves⧼dot-separator⧽rights⧼dot-separator⧽RfA)

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