• |1=Taxon name - mandatory
  • |force=true - force display, see below

This template will produce a cell to appear in an Automatic taxobox. The cell will be displayed if:

  • The parameter |force=true
  • The taxon is at a major taxonomic level (kingdom, phylum, class ... genus, species)
  • The page at Template:Taxonomy/TAXONNAME contains |always_display=true (verbatim).

The cell itself is produced using Template:Taxonomy.

if the taxon does not exist, or has no parent listed (i.e. taxonomy/TAXON|parent does not start with [A-z]) :

If there's no parent listed :
: return null;
Else, if the page doesn't exist
: return an error message (generated by Template:Create taxonomy);

Else (i.e. taxon exists and has parent listed)

if force parameter is sent,
or if taxonomy/TAXON|always_display is set to true,
or if taxonomy/TAXON|rank is a major rank worthy of display
: return a taxobox cell.