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{{tlg}} (template link, general) is a general template for inserting a template link. It can be used to replace or implement any of the more specific {{tl*}} templates, e.g. {{tl}}, {{tlx}}or {{tlb}}. Parameters are:

  • ​bold=yes​: Boldface the text, like for {{tlb}} and {{tlxb}}
  • ​italic=yes​: Italicizes the parameters, like for {{tlxi}}
  • ​tt=yes​: Use a monospaced font, like for {{tlx}} and {{tlxb}}
  • ​code=yes​: Use the <code>...</code> HTML attribute (usually a monospaced font), like for {{tlc}}
  • ​nolink=yes​: Don't insert a template link, like for {{tlf}}, {{tld}}, and {{tlc}}
  • ​anypage=yes​: Allow linking to arbitrary page (not just template), as with {{tlu}}
  • ​braceinside=yes​: Put braces inside the link, like for {{tn}}
  • ​subst=yes​: Add a ​subst:​ prefix, like for {{tls}}
  • ​alttext=FOO​: Specify alternative surface text for a link, like for {{tla}}

Examplesসম্পাদনা কৰক

On the source sister projects, en.wikipedia and Meta, X0, X1, X2,..., X9 are sandbox templates for experimentation on involved templates that need be in template space. An auto-cleansing software facility exists that might be used to duplicate the facility on other Sister projects.
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{{Tlg|x0|braceinside=yes}} সাঁচ:x0|{{x0}}]]  
{{Tlg|x0|alttext=Link to x0 template}}

{{||সাঁচ:x0|Link to x0 template]]}}



Now the expression links to x0 (the spaceship, genetic disease, etc.) rather than Template:x0. Mostly useful for templates in user space.


No reason you can't combine multiple parameter settings.






Can combine named and anonymous parameters ...


... in any order …


... even intermixed ...


... with many different configurations.




up to 10 parameters, then ...


&#124; for more
{{Tlg|convert|<nowiki>14|m|ftin|abbr=out|sp=us</nowiki>}} unlimited parameters as one nowiki string


with no arguments, the current page name is substituted


= won't work


&#61; is okay


{{=}} is okay


sticky nowiki is okay
{{Tlg|x2| |two}}


empty won't work

{{||সাঁচ:x2|x2]]| |two}}

&#32; is okay

{{||সাঁচ:x2|x2]]| |two}}

&nbsp; is okay
{{Tlg|x2| &#124; two}}

{{||সাঁচ:x2|x2]]| | two}}

&#124; is okay
{{Tlg|x2| {{!}} two}}

{{||সাঁচ:x2|x2]]| | two}}

{{||সাঁচ:!|!]]}} is dubious



empty really doesn't work


two clobbers 2=one


right to left okay