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The purpose of this template is to allow bots to recognise that the 'mmm dd, yyyy' (aka 'American') date format has been applied to an article so tagged. It is visible only in edit mode. The template also categorises the article in Category:Use mdy dates.

Wikipedia articles that use mmm dd yyyy date formats, whether by application of the first main contributor rule or by virtue of close national ties are being systematically tagged with {{Use mdy dates}} to add an article to Category:Use mdy dates. See Wikipedia:MOSNUM.

This system of tagging/categorisation is used as a status monitor of all articles that use mmm dd yyyy date formats, and not as a cleanup per se.

After being tagged, and bearing in mind article evolution, a WP:bot can clean up formats periodically, correcting any new introductions since its last visit, and updating the visit date on the {{Use mdy dates}} template.

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{{Use mdy dates|date=May 2024}}

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