{{Villagepumppages|section title|intro text|shortcut link|shortcut link|shortcut link|shortcut link|alpha=}}.

Currently supports up to 4 shortcut links. The alpha parameter, if set, will trigger the inclusion of alphabetic archives before the numeric archives, where they exist.

The color scheme of this box uses four color shades from one basic color. In accordance with Main page colors (as is explained at Help:Colour), the they are used as follows:

  • #ccc7b7 (darkest) border of the header
  • #ddd8c8 (2nd darkest), background of header, also border of lower, lighter color
  • #eee9d9 (3rd darkest): secondary titles, also border of the lightest body box
  • #fffaea (lightest color): background of the text body

For related Wikipedia header templates see Template messages/Project namespace.