This is a small collection of user-made banners and buttons for Wikipedia. These official project logos are trademarks of theWikimedia Foundation.

If you are producing a banner and want it to be able to fit in a standard banner slot, it should match one of the sizes given atstandard banner sizes. Please group by and give the size to make it easy for people to find the banner which will fit their space.

Copyright: Please note that most of these are not GFDL since they make use of the Wikipedia logo which is not GFDL, but copyrighted to Wikimedia.

(please move your banners under this header if you are releasing them into the public domain; say so on the image description page as well)

Banners which are assumed to be GFDL সম্পাদনা কৰক

সম্পাদনা কৰক

সম্পাদনা কৰক

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