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{{Infobox journal}} can be used to display details about academic journals as a right-side infobox. It can be stacked with other infoboxes. The infoboxJournal.js script can be used to easily add the infobox to articles, as well as standardize existing infoboxes. The script is in development, so make sure to review the suggested presentation before saving.

Usage সম্পাদনা কৰক

Basic usage

This basic infobox will be adequate for the vast majority of article. Simply copy-paste this code in an article and fill it according to the documentation below.

{{Infobox journal
| title         = 
| image         = <!-- or |cover= -->
| caption       = 
| former_name   = <!-- or |former_names= -->
| abbreviation  = <!-- ISO 4 abbreviation -->
| discipline    = <!-- or |subject= -->
| language      = 
| editor        = <!-- or |editors= -->
| publisher     = 
| country       = 
| history       = 
| frequency     = 
| openaccess    = 
| license       = 
| impact        = 
| impact-year   = 
| ISSN          = 
| eISSN         = 
| CODEN         = 
| JSTOR         = 
| LCCN          = 
| OCLC          = 
| website       = 
| link1         = 
| link1-name    = 
| link2         = <!-- up to |link5= -->
| link2-name    = <!-- up to |link5-name= -->
Non-ISO 4 abbreviations (pick those that apply)
| bluebook      = <!-- For law journals only -->
| mathscinet    = <!-- For the MathSciNet abbreviation IF different from ISO 4 abbreviation -->
| nlm           = <!-- For the NLM abbreviation IF different from ISO 4 abbreviation -->
Identifiers for multiple journals at once
| ISSNlabel     = 
| ISSN          = 
| eISSN         = 
| CODEN         = 
| JSTOR         = 
| LCCN          = 
| OCLC          = 

| ISSNlabel2    = 
| ISSN2         = 
| eISSN2        = 
| CODEN2        = 
| JSTOR2        = 
| LCCN2         = 
| OCLC2         = 


Goes from |ISSNlabel2= up to |ISSNlabel10=.

Parameters সম্পাদনা কৰক

All parameters are optional.

​{{Infobox journal​

|title = Name of journal (defaults to {{PAGENAMEBASE}}).
|italic title = Put "no" to override the italic format of the page article title.
|image = Image of journal's cover (e.g. abc.jpg, xpz.png, 123.gif). Does not need [[File:...]] or [[File:...]].
|image_size = Size to display image. Defaults to 150px.
|alt = Alternative text for image.
|caption = Caption for image, if needed.
|former_name = Any former name or names of the journal (italicized by default).
|abbreviation = The ISO 4 abbreviation for journal. Include dots (e.g. J. Phys., not J Phys). If unset, links to find out what the ISO 4 abbreviation is will be displayed. Use |abbreviation=no to hide the field.
|bluebook = The Bluebook abbreviation for law journal.
|mathscinet = The MathSciNet abbreviation IF different from ISO 4 abbreviation.
|nlm = The NLM abbreviation IF different from ISO 4 abbreviation.
|bypass-rcheck = Set to yes to bypass the built-in ISO 4 / bluebook redirect check until সাঁচ:Phab is resolved. This should only be used after the ISO 4 / bluebook redirects were created, not to get rid of the template messages. See Category:Infobox journals with bypassed redirect checking for more information.
|discipline = Topic of the journal.
|peer-reviewed = Put no if journal is not peer-reviewed (in which case {{Infobox magazine}} is probably more appropriate). If the situation is complicated, put "See text" and describe it in the text. If the field is blank, omitted, or set to yes, no field is shown, and peer-review status is implied.
|language = Language of publication if not English. Do not wikilink (per WP:MOS).
|editor = Name of journal's editor.
|publisher = Name of publisher. This should be the name of the entity (company, university, society) that performs the actual publishing (marketing, printing, distribution, etc), possibly followed by "on behalf of ...." if there is clear evidence that the journal is owned by another organization (usually a learned society); furthermore, in case there is clear evidence that the journal is co-owned by another organization (including the publisher itself), this information can be followed with "and ..."
|country = Country of publication, if there is a clear national affiliation. Leave blank for international journals. Do not wikilink (per WP:MOS).
|history = Publication history, e.g. 1869–present.
|frequency = Frequency of publication.
|openaccess = Availability of open-access content, with wikilinks if appropriate (put Yes if journal is completely open-access, or সাঁচ:Elc or সাঁচ:Elc if more appropriate)
|license = License for the journal's content if the previous parameter is Yes.
|impact = Journal's impact factor.
|impact-year = Year impact factor above was measured, not the year it was published. E.g. the 2016 impact factor was published in 2017, so 2016 goes in the infobox.
|ISSNlabel = To distinguish between ISSNs when more than one is given (use in conjunction with ISSN2label, ISSN3label, ... ISSN10label).
|ISSN = ISSN (print edition) or eISSN if electronic-only journal. If there is more than one journal, such as in European Physical Journal, use additional ISSN2, ISSN3, ... ISSN10 parameters.
|eISSN = Same as ISSN, but for online version of paper journals. eISSN2, eISSN3, ... eISSN10 supported.
|JSTOR = Journal's JSTOR number (usually its ISSN without the dash; link will be generated automatically).
|LCCN = LCCN (link will be generated automatically).
|OCLC = OCLC number (link will be generated automatically).
|website = URL for journal homepage (see usage below).
|link1 = First additional link's URL (see below).
|link1-name = Name for first additional link (see below).
|link2 = Second additional link's URL (see below).
|link2-name = Name for second additional link (see below).
|boxwidth = To set the infobox's width in exceptional circumstances. Use em (i.e. font-proportional) units, e.g. boxwidth&nbsp= 20.0em. Default is 22.0em.


Usage notes সম্পাদনা কৰক

  • language - default is "English" but it is possible to put more than one:  language=English, French (etc.).
  • website - Just put the full URL; e.g., . This field automatically displays the name "Journal homepage." If you wish to display a different name, or to include additional links, use parameters "link1" & "link1-name" ("link2" etc.). For example, show "Online access":
  | website =
  | link1 =
  | link1-name = Online access
  • title - The infobox displays the journal title at the top, wrapping to keep the infobox narrow. To custom-wrap a long title, insert "<br></br>". Otherwise, the title will auto-wrap after all words that fit:
  | title = Canadian Journal of<br></br>Earth Sciences
  • country - such as "Canada".

In general, any parameter can be custom-wrapped by inserting a "<br></br>" wherever needed.

Sub templates সম্পাদনা কৰক

Main infobox
{{Infobox journal/Bluebook check}} Checks if a Bluebook redirects exists. If not, prompts editors to create it.
{{Infobox journal/Bluebook preload}} The suggested content of the Bluebook redirect page.
{{Infobox journal/ISO 4 check}} Checks if an ISO 4 redirects exists. If not, prompts editors to create it.
{{Infobox journal/ISO 4 preload}} The suggested content of the ISO4 redirect page.
{{Infobox journal/MathSciNet check}} Checks if a MathSciNet redirects exists. If not, prompts editors to create it.
{{Infobox journal/MathSciNet preload}} The suggested content of the ISO4 redirect page.
{{Infobox journal/NLM check}} Checks if a NLM redirects exists. If not, prompts editors to create it.
{{Infobox journal/NLM preload}} The suggested content of the NLM redirect page.
{{Infobox journal/ISSN-eISSN}} Used to format the ISSN information
Search links

Put .infobox-journal-search { display: inline !important;} in your CSS file (like this) to enable search links.

{{Infobox journal/Abbreviation search}} Provides search links for relevant standard abbreviations (ISO 4, Bluebook, MathSciNet, and NLM). It also gives a link to their corresponding databases when possible. Some links needs |ISSN/eISSN= to work.
{{Infobox journal/Indexing search}} Provides a MIAR database search link to verify Abstracting/Indexing information. Needs |ISSN/eISSN= to work.
{{Infobox journal/Former check}} Checks if former name redirects exists. If not, prompts editors to create it and to verify that standard abbreviation redirects are also created. This is currently experimental, and will only display if you've enabled the search links.

Template characteristics সম্পাদনা কৰক

Microformat সম্পাদনা কৰক

The HTML mark-up produced by this template includes an hProduct microformat that makes a product's details readily parsable by computer programs. This aids tasks such as the cataloguing of articles and maintenance of databases. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please visit the Microformat WikiProject.

If the product has a URL, use {{URL}} to include it.

Classes used

The HTML classes of this microformat include:

  • brand
  • category
  • description
  • fn
  • hproduct
  • identifier
  • listing
  • photo
  • price
  • review
  • type
  • url
  • value
Please do not rename or remove these classes
nor collapse nested elements which use them.

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 This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.

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