[unreliable source?]

ৰচনাশৈলীৰ হাতপুথি

This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:All articles lacking reliable references. Add this template only after a good faith attempt to verify the reliability of the source in question.

This template takes two optional parameters:

  • failed - which if set to 'y' will remove the question mark, noting this as a source that has failed verification. Use: {{Verify credibility|failed=y}}
  • date - which should be set to the month and year when the article was tagged. Use: {{Verify credibility|date=July 2024}}

For whole sections or articles, use Template:Not verified.

  1. {{rs}}
  2. {{rs?}}
  3. {{vc}}
  4. {{unreliable source}}
  5. {{unreliable source?}}
  6. {{verify credibility?}}