This page describes standard box and diagram templates used for specific subject matter items. They include right and left side, or lower article boxes, calendars, tables, grids and diagrams used in article expostion. The templates provide a consistent, clean format for the displayed information.

Infoboxes are described on the Infoboxes page.

There are a number of templates used to construct calendars, either current or prospective.

See also: Category:Calendar templates

Useful elements for building diagrams

সম্পাদনা কৰক
  • Template:Clade For making horizontal "Clades" or other tree-like structures

The Computer and Video Games infobox templates are described on the Infoboxes page. Some templates were used only to generate article images and are not called from the article pages themselves.

Some of the box entries of the Periodic Table are constructed using templates.

There are some templates used to provide a right-side index for Supreme Court cases, and some are used for the main article for the Supreme Court, such as allowing specific year index for members of the court, others are used to make formatting consistent

Court case box on right:

The following are used to construct Supreme Court Justice entries, as well as the entry for List of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.

And the specific years. All begin with "U.S. Supreme Court composition " followed by one year or a range of years: